Clive Whitby

International, Award Winning Psychic Medium.                                            

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A professional, International psychic/spiritual medium. Clive uses his gift to give channeled information to those who need personal direction, guidance, and reassurance on physical, emotional and spiritual issues. 

He has been working as a Spiritual medium for over 25 years and has worked on the platform of the world famous Arthur Findlay College in the UK and at various spiritualist churches.  

In 2008 he was voted by his peers, Psychic of the Year (Queensland, Australia).

He is a member of the Australian Psychics Association and Spiritualists Union of GB.

Author of award winning books ~ Light at the End of the Tunnel and Little Book of Destiny.   

He has also produced two award winning meditation CDs and has developed "Calmer Meditations" and the powerful "Walk in the Park" meditations.

In his readings, he doesn't use any cards or crystal balls.  He uses his natural gifts of clairvoyance (seeing), clairaudient (hearing), clairsentient (feeling) and linking with spiritual energies to give proof of survival and messages from relatives, friends and guides.  

Born in the UK, Clive is now based in Noosa, Queensland, Australia and his commitments take him all around the world from Brisbane, Sydney, Adelaide, Melbourne, Singapore, Kuala Lumpur, Hong Kong, to the UK and Europe. 

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Skype and Phone readings are an increasingly popular method of catching up with Clive for an amazing Psychic Reading. Skype/Phone readings are a great way to have a reading if you don't want to wait for an in - person reading or if you live away. Often people ask if Skype/phone readings are just as accurate as in person readings, the answer is YES! Clive does not need to see you face to face; He initially links in with your voice and connects. He has many clients who now prefer to have Skype/phone readings from the comfort of their own homes.  Payment  can easily be made through PayPal or Direct Internet Payment.

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Skype name : is 'cliver12' or enter email address (as above) to find him.