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Little book of destiny

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'The Little Book of Destiny' (2007 edition)

This cute little book is now yours to own. 'The Little Book of Destiny' helps you with every question you may have in life if you treat it with kindness it will always be your best friend.  Carry it in your pocket, bag and use whenever you have a choice to make.

Light at the end of the Tunnel

Image of book cover Light at the end of the tunnel

The bestselling self-help book,'Light at the End of the Tunnel: simple philosophy for everyday living' was released in 2006.  50 chapters of simple, easy to follow guidance and wisdom.  A  book for everyone.
ISBN: 0-646-45580-X.

Common Sense  - from Chapter 9

Common sense Common sense used to be taught as part of a strategy for life. “Use your common sense” mothers used to say. It seems as though life has pushed its use further and further away ‘from things to use in a crisis’.

Common sense keeps things simple; it tells us to go back to basics when life seems to get complicated. If we get lost on life’s road we go back to the beginning or ask for instructions before we make any further commitments. Common sense comes from a different time, a different period when life was simpler, OR WAS IT? If you apply common sense to your present situation, give yourself a little time to see what happens, you will find a resolution to your question. Use common sense and take control of your life. 

Fear - from Chapter 19

The word fear strikes fear into the best of us. We have all experienced that sinking feeling at some time in our lives. Talking to friends, colleagues, relatives, is a good first step, sharing your fears about the future.

Are you too frightened to say what you want and that your actions may upset others? Is it just too easy to stay in the same zone or groove? Have the sands of time run out, no longer enjoying what you have? It’s time to move on and time to make a plan.

Don’t let fear (an unseen energy) stand in your way of making changes. Fear of the future, of the unknown and the fear of failure can stop us from moving toward and achieving our goals and dreams of happiness and success. 

For all those who are frightened by the next step it’s time to face up to it and then move on, one step at a time. Let go of your fear and take control of your life.

Hope - from Chapter 28

When we go down to the bottom of the hole, when things have seemingly gone from good, to bad, to worse, and when life has become painful and difficult and we have lost direction and our future, we search for hope.

Hope that things can’t get any more problematical. Hope is not a very big word, but it carries a great deal of power and energy. Hope is one of the ‘Glues of life,’ it holds our lives together, it comes a bit unstuck from time to time when it is challenged. Without hope our hearts become heavy, our thinking becomes cluttered and negative.

Hope carries us forwards. The hope that when we are at our lowest point our situation will improve. Loss, separation and difficulties can lead to new directions. It is taking one day at a time, being and staying positive, that will grow the seeds of hope.

Extracts Copyright Clive Whitby 2006.  Not to be reproduced without permission from the author.

Calmer Meditation CDs


Simple, easy to follow, guided meditations, helping body and mind to relax and return to a state of balance. Produced by Clive Whitby.


Calmer Meditation 1: Relaxation and meditation (Music by A Deak)

Healing Lake Meditation
An easy to follow relaxation exercise which enables the listener to dissolve all their doubts, worries and tensions.

The Sanctuary Meditation
The sanctuary, a place of great serenity and peace, where you can release all negative thoughts and feelings leaving you balanced and in harmony.



Calmer Meditation 2: Relaxation and meditation (Music by L Brown)



Treasure Chest Meditation
You are introduced to a dolphin friend who helps you to discover hidden treasures, bringing you to a state of inner peace.

Island Meditation
A dolphin friend takes you on another adventure to an island where you will discover the seat of knowledge and meet with a spirit guide.

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