Clive Whitby

International, Award Winning Psychic Medium.                                            

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Intuitive Business Consultant

Does your business need a competitive edge?

In order to stay ahead of competition or just to help consolidate and improve performance and productivity, more and more businesses are utilising clive's intuitive and mediumship abilities.

He combines his natural abilities, with the experience of being a successful business owner himself for 20 years, to enhance, motivate and revitalise your organisation. 

Clive works alongside owners/managers/company directors/CEO's. In the past he has worked successfully with small and large business owners. During a consultation he offers confirmation, reassurance, guidance and advice so that you will be able to:

- Apply decisions with confidence
- Gain a greater insight into personality and traits of key staff.  e.g. Negotiators
- Assess the possibilities of acquisitions and mergers
- Obtain a better understanding of products, services and market trends
- Gain immediate advantage over competitors
- Achieve business potential and outcomes

Strict confidentiality is maintained at all times; I do not name my clients or the type of work done for them.

'Each business has its own personality and individual needs'.